Oct 10, 2015

Minimalist Series: Home Decor Inspiration

Good Morning! 

My hope is that every Saturday and Wednesday I'll be able to post a minimalist inspiring post. I'm also starting my "Minimalist Series" today so hopefully as you read this post you feel inspired. 

I personally love looking at photos of clean, modern, inviting, simplistic home decor. However, please don't be misled by this post. My home does not look even closely similar to these photos. These are what some would call "goals". :]

Now, I know that the living space definitely adds to the feel and element of that clean, open, brighter aspect of an ideal minimalist home but that's a challenge I'm excited to take on. The current apartment we live in is older and does not have updated appliances nor does it have a layout that looks as beautiful as these photos. It's a progress and I'll be posting pictures of where we are in our progress towards a simpler living space.

Hope you have a beautiful day and enjoy the simpler things in life.


Oct 2, 2015


Trash, clutter, mess, excess...

I hate all of those things. And I'm a firm believer that hate is a strong word and not to be used liberally. 

For the past year, I've transitioned Nick and my lifestyle over to minimalism. Now understand, there are many definitions and styles of minimalism (in my humble opinion). I've tried to apply minimalism in several areas of our life in general; some of those being, fashion, home decor, etc. 

The easiest area to begin "decluttering" was our wardrobe. I was able to donate over 6 large garbage bags full of clothes. I've definitely taken it to the next level and have thrown out all colorful clothing in my wardrobe (and part of Nick's; some without his consent, sshhh). My wardrobe mostly consists of blacks, grays, whites, and some additional neutral colors. 

The good news is that by cutting down our wardrobes I've also cut down on shopping for unnecessary clothing items. If I want it, I've got to discard something else in my closet. That's my rule. 

I've did some major purging throughout our apartment and it's still a work in progress. I've donated books I knew I would never read. Got rid of tupperware that were building up dust in the kitchen. The biggest thing was getting rid of "knick knacks". I had this really bad phase during our marriage when I thought I wanted every inch of our walls covered with paintings that had no relevance or theme. Got rid of majority of those art pieces and now am left with 3 or 4 that I actually have a plan for. 

Overall our transition has ran smoothly and it's definitely easier to maintain a clean home. I also feel that I want less. Which is a rare place for me to be in since I've always wanted what I didn't have before. 

My inspirations often come from Swedish or European homes in general. I'm not a traditionalist when it comes to home decor. I even gather inspiration from their fashion since it's very plain but clean and pleasant to look at no matter the body type. 

It's still a lifestyle adjustment that we're gladly making, but I'm excited about our continued progress.

Until next time,
Sarah Pearl